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I’ve IVE: The Comeback We’ve Been Waiting For

From new music to behind-the-scenes footage & a peek into the girls’ playlists as they take over Spotify’s Idol Lounge. Get ready to be IVE-rwhelmed.

Spring just got a little hotter, now that K-pop rookie group IVE is firing up our hearts with a comeback after nearly eight months since their last release. After dishing out hit tunes After LIKE, LOVE DIVE, and ELEVEN, the girls are now back with a full studio album, I’ve IVE. And it looks like their lead single I Am is set to be a serious earworm. In less than a week after its release, the track had already amassed more than 3.5 million streams on Spotify. 

Not Your (Typical) Girl 

Who is IVE? If they’re not on your radar by now, then it’s time to pay attention. This six-member girl group from Starship Entertainment is made up of Yujin, Gaeul, Rei, Wonyoung, Liz and Leeseo. 

Even before their official debut, the group was already getting some hype as two of its members were already in the limelight. Leader Yujin and vocalist Wonyoung had already gained a large fanbase from their time on competition show Produce 48, and for being a part of the temporary girl group IZ*ONE

IVE was introduced in December 2021, and with their group name being a contraction of “I have”, they were more than ready to show the world what they have

Today, IVE stand proud of their achievements as a group, having swept hot rookie awards, song of the year awards, and placing themselves on the charts in Spotify Wrapped 2022. On top of coming in 7th on the list of Top K-Pop Female Groups Globally, their song LOVE DIVE achieved the #6 spot on the list of Top K-pop Songs Globally, making them the only rookie K-pop group on that list.

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‘I AM’ Who I am  

With all that under their belt, the girls are now back with a new sense of boldness, expanding their repertoire with the new 11-track album, as they sing about self empowerment, confidence, and prowess. 

Their pre-release track, Kitsch, starts off bright, sweet, and soothing before dropping into an impactful, chanty, bass-heavy chorus. The contrast pays off, as they introduce a sassy new side with a track that seems to be setting the tone for this next era. 

For the OG DIVEs, lead single I AM still retains IVE’s pure pop greatness and singalong quality. The girls’ clean, gentle vocals take us through the opening before they all belt out a passionate melodic chorus in full harmony. I AM doesn’t quite have the obvious hook like LOVE DIVE, but trust us, “I’m on my way~” will be the next “Narcissistic, my god, I love it”.

Special mentions on the album go out to Shine With Me, written by Wonyong, and Heroine, which was co-written by Yujin. 

Can’t get enough of IVE? 

We love the girls and their sound, but what about the sounds they love? 

Step into Spotify’s Idol Lounge: IVE, which features 24 popular hits specially curated by the girls. There are tracks from their latest album like 궁금해 (Next Page) and Lips, as well as some serious girl power tracks like Ariana Grande’s 7 rings, Taylor Swift’s Anti-Hero and SZA’s Good Days, picked by Wonyoung, Liz, and Yujin respectively. 

Another great choice is BAMBOLEO , a deep cut by sunbaenim (senior) girl group Red Velvet, which was recommended by Gaeul. Meanwhile, Leeseo’s pick (TAEYEON’s 11:11) holds a special memory for her as she used to listen to this as a trainee, and Rei chose As It Was by Harry Styles for its ‘heart-fluttering’ quality, making it a must-have on any playlist. 

Idol Lounge: IVE is on Spotify for a limited time only.

A bonus for DIVEs

Plus, we’re bringing you some exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from Spotify’s shoot with IVE! Watch it here, on K-Pop ON! Track.