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Turning ON! The K‑Pop Movement With SEVENTEEN

From the artist they’d love to work with to their unique pre-performance ritual, the SEVENTEEN boys talk all things K‑Pop.

Join us as we celebrate the K-Pop movement with artists, SEVENTEEN, B.I, and ITZY. In our latest global campaign, we’ve transported these artists into their own magical K-Pop dreamscapes — and we’re inviting you along for the ride.

Check out how SEVENTEEN immersed themselves into the lush wonderland of Sector17 and take a look at their behind-the-scenes antics in-between filming.

While on set, we took the opportunity to speak to the ever-busy SEVENTEEN boys to find out what K-Pop means to them and the songs they have on repeat.

Which artist would you like to collaborate with?

Seungkwan: We’re actually very open to working with different artists. In fact, I think we’d want to work with most of the artists out there.

Joshua: I think it’d be really fun too. But personally, I would like to work with Ariana Grande.

Seungkwan: Are you sure there’s no ulterior motive there?

Joshua: No no… I’ve really loved her songs for a long time.

How often do you use Spotify?

Hoshi: I use Spotify all the time. When I released my solo single, Spider, as a mixtape, I shared it on Spotify. Yeah, I downloaded Spotify to listen to my own song.

What are you listening to these days?

Hoshi: Recently, I’ve been listening a lot to Zayde Wølf’s King. I really love the lyrics. You can kinda feel the weight of the world and experience the pressure of being at the very top through them. The lyrics, “It’s good to be king, it’s good to be king” are really cool.

What do you always do before you go on stage?

Dino: I have to trim all my fingernails and toenails. You’ll never know what might happen on stage while you’re performing. And I always tend to cut them really short because it makes me feel more clean and fresh.

How was it like filming for SEVENTEEN’s K-Pop ON! campaign film?

The8: The robot camera is taking things to the next level, and is giving quite an incredible performance. I was actually kinda taken aback when I first saw it in action. And since the camera is doing such a great job, I was a little worried about what I should be doing. But I think it’s gonna look good in the end.

What does K-Pop mean to you?

Vernon: To me, K-Pop is my life! I’m dedicating a third of my life to this industry at the moment, and I’m working really hard.

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