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Here are 8 K‑Pop Duets To Add To Your Valentine’s Day Playlist

Whether you’re dropping a hint, declaring your love, or making a dedication to a significant other, there’s a song for you.

It’s February, and you know what that means. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and love is in the air.  

Whether innocent puppy love, a newfound love, or one that’s lasted the test of time, we want to celebrate your love. And we’ve got eight K-duets just for you, from romantic ballads and smooth R&B tunes to whimsical bops.

#1 Some by SOYOU and Junggigo (feat. LILBOI)

This R&B track with its addictive and sing-along-friendly chorus perfectly mimics the push-pull “are we, are we not” feelings of the beginnings of a new relationship. A cute ditty that you’ll want to add to your playlist pronto.

#2 Dream by BAEKHYUN and Suzy

With Suzy and BAEKHYUN’s angelic vocals, you’ll feel like you’re on cloud nine with this jazzy ballad. With lyrics about finding that special someone you’ve been dreaming of, this one’s for the lovebirds. Cause nothing’s better than waking up to find that your love is real. 

#3 GANADARA by Jay Park and IU

This smooth duet is like an endearing meet-cute. It’s sung and rapped like a conversation set to music as Jay Park and IU portray two lovers, fumbling along as they try to confess their feelings for each other. Fun fact: The song’s title actually takes after the first four consonants of the Korean alphabet, and is also part of the childhood ditty sung by little kids when learning Korean.

#4 Perhaps Love by Eric Nam and CHEEZE

A remake of the much-loved OST from K-Drama, Princess Hours, this updated version combines Eric Nam and CHEEZE’s soft vocals with a slightly faster tempo. The song perfectly illustrates the “loves me, loves me not” moments between Crown Prince Lee Shin and his new bride, Shin Chae-Kyeong. It might have been seventeen years since the show first launched, but we guarantee this tune will still give you all the feels.

#5 200% by AKMU

OK, this technically isn’t a duet per se, but we’re slipping this in because it’s too adorable not to. A nod to teenage life, this whimsical pop tune is the depiction of a school girl/boy crush brought to life, complete with second-hand embarrassment in a bid to get the other’s attention. Let’s be real: we’ve all been there. And who wouldn’t be when you’re convinced that “it must be L.O.V.E, 200% sure of that” — as the lyrics go.

#6 Somebody! by Loco and Hwa Sa

Hwa Sa’s husky vocals, Loco’s melodic raps, and the song’s breezy energy make this an easy listen. It’s an uplifting song, almost like a gentle declaration of affection where love is the answer to warm those ice-cold days.

#7 Way by ONEW and Punch

If there’s a song that embodies the “meant to be” adage, this is it. This beautiful ballad tells the story of two lovers braving the odds to be together. There’s something truly soothing and healing about this, and it feels like a warm hug that we would want to stay in forever.

#8 Lullaby by B.I and Chuu

Here’s one for those going through LDRs. This sweet love song aptly describes the longing when you’re apart. As you listen to Lullaby, we wouldn’t blame you for falling asleep with a grin on your face, as you’re reminded that while you are apart, you can stay connected in your dreams.

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