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Go behind the music with your Idols on Spotify’s Enhanced Albums

When K‑Pop fans can never get enough of their favourite idols, and that’s why we love Spotify Enhanced Albums.

Let’s be real: K-Pop fans can never get enough of our favourite idols and groups. And that’s why we love Spotify Enhanced Albums. 

What exactly are Enhanced Albums, you ask? 

They’re exclusive multi-content albums that allow artists to spill the tea on what goes into the making of an album, from track inspirations and songs they love, to funny behind-the-scenes anecdotes. It’s a truly immersive audio and visual experience on the go, exclusively on Spotify’s mobile app, allowing us to get a little more connected with our favourite idols and groups.

BTS’s Map of the Soul: 7 The Enhanced Album (2019) was the first Enhanced Album by a group from Asia on Spotify. And since then, K-Pop Enhanced Albums have only increased in number.

Here’s what we love about the K-Pop Enhanced Albums currently available on Spotify. 

TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s minisode2: Thursday’s Child is the newest K-Pop Enhanced Album. 

More than just a five-track mini-album, Thursday’s Child is a multimedia playlist experience with a Canvas on every track (bespoke eight-second visual loop), audio notes, and videos of the boys reminiscing about fun memories of the creative process when making the album.

MOAs (TOMORROW X TOGETHER fans) can also watch their biases play two hot potato style relay games – a “this or that” balance game and one where they take turns to compliment one another.

We were very lucky to have been behind the scenes to capture all the action. Head over to Spotify K-Pop ON! (온) to see how they perform under pressure.

To celebrate BLACKPINK’s first full-length album, The Album (Enhanced) (2020) featured never-before-seen visual content of the quartet in the form of Canvases.

TWICE’s 2021 Taste of Love, the Enhanced Album (2021) takes us Track By Track through the inspirations behind each song.

The Enhanced Album also includes exclusive videos from the members, like Jihyo making s’mores, Momo mixing a refreshing mocktail, and Mina showing us how to take the perfect selfie.

With NCT 127’s Sticker, the Enhanced Album (2021), it became possible for everyone to have a virtual NCT 127 boyfriend. The Enhanced Album includes videos of the boys talking to, well, us, as they go about their day. There’s Mark waking up from a nap and Taeyong attempting to win us a cuddly toy from a claw machine. Oh, be still our beating hearts!

Last but not least, there’s SEVENTEEN’s ninth mini album, Attacca, the Enhanced Album(2021). 

The group pulled back the curtain on what goes on backstage before a performance. We learnt that Seungkwan listens to rock music to stay pumped, DK plays the guitar, and Hoshi rehearses choreography to calm pre-performance jitters, plus he even shows us some moves.